Church Announcements (Feb. 25)


Church Announcements (Feb. 25)

1. Saturday Early Morning Vision Service
There will be an Early Morning Vision Service this Saturday. Early Morning Vision Service meets every first Saturday of the month.
Date: March 3rd (Sat) 6:45AM
Location: Vision Center

2. Mission school
Mission school will be held for 2018 NFC mission trip. This will be a mandatory course for all those who are planning to join the 2018 NFC mission trip.

Date & Time: 3/24/2018 @10am-5pm
Place: Vision center

3. 2018 NFC mission schedule
Atlanta Art School 6/30-7/7
Haiti Dental Mission 7/14-7/21
Country ‘C’ VBS 7/23-8/3
Uganda VBS 10/23-31
Philadelphia VBS July or Aug

4. Online Church Announcement
From February 18th, you can view the church announcements every week by visiting the church app or church website.
Click “Church Announcements”

Church announcements will be updated every Sunday morning so you can view them before Sunday worship service. For your convenience, please download the church app if you do not have it on your phone yet. There may be some error and inconvenience because it is the first trial. We kindly ask for your understanding and for your support.

5. “Check This Out” (Book Club) Campaign
We are continuing our campaign called “Check This Out” (Book Club) in 2018.
The book of March is

Making Sense of God, by Timothy Keller.

If you would like to purchase the book (Korean version), please sign up through the church app.

6. Pastor Ryu’s Visit to Korea (2/28-3/10)
Pastor Ryu will be visiting Korea to attend KPM Board Meeting and Church Planting Conference held by Redeemer City to City.
(Speaker: Tim Keller / Location: Yangjae Torch Center)

7. Sunday School Volunteer
How can you use your time to make a real difference in this world?
Volunteer in Children Ministry for the next generation.

Pastor Sooyeong Chung

8. Recruiting Members for Living Stone (Worship Dance) for Good Friday and Easter Sunday
Dance ministry, Living Stone, is recruiting team members who can worship together through dance for Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Sign up begins from Feb.18th Sunday. After the first and second worship service, you can sign up at the cafeteria in person. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact the team leader, Jiyon Song.

Jiyon Song
Rehearsal starts from February 24th, 2018, 10am at the Vision center.
Performance Dates: 3/30/2018 Friday at 7pm / 4/1/2018 Sunday at 11:15 am & 1:30 pm

9. Offering

Regular: $5,030.25
Tithe: $12,062.02
Thanksgiving: $808.50
Mustard Seed: $172.00
Total: $18,072.77

Quite Time Scripture
Sunday: 1 Kings 2:36-46
Monday: 1 Kings 3:1-15 *Sunday Bible Study
Tuesday: 1 Kings 3:16-28
Wednesday: 1 Kings 4:1-34
Thursday: 1 Kings 5:1-18
Friday: 1 Kings 6:1-13
Saturday: 1 Kings 6:14-38

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