Church Announcements (April 22)


Church Announcements (April 22)

[Order of Worship]
Confession of Faith – Heidelberg Catechism
Scripture Reading – Rev. Inhyun Ryu
Sermon – King & I (9) Gone with The Wind (2 Kings2:1-14) – Rev. Inhyun Ryu
Final Hymn
Benediction – Rev. Inhyun Ryu

[Church Announcements]

1. Infant and Adult Baptism Training/Questionnaire

Training: April 29th (Sunday) 10:00 – 11:00 AM @ PS11
Questionnaire: May 6th (Sunday) 10:30 AM @ PS11
Contact: Pastor Taeyoung Yoo (
*Infant Baptism will be held on May 6th (Family Sunday)

Training: April 22nd – May 6th (Every Sunday for three weeks, 10:00 – 11:00 AM) @ NYC Lab School
Questionnaire: May 13th (Sunday) 10:30 AM @ PS11
Contact: Paster Wonjin Kim (

2. 2018 NFC Mission Application Deadline

Atlanta Art School (6/30-7/7) – April 22
Haiti Dental Mission (7/14-7/21) – April 22
Country ‘C’ VBS (7/21-8/3) – April 22
Uganda VBS (10/23-31) – June 30
Philadelphia VBS (July or Aug)- April 29
Contact: Deacon Seunghyun Lee (

3. Family Sunday
First Service on Sunday, May 6th will be held as a Family Sunday. Parents and children will come together to worship together.

4. May Classic Service and Communion
Sunday, May 13th, will be held as Classic Service along with Communion

*Classic Service is to praise and worship with Hymns and Communion. This form of worship will be held once on the first Sunday of every month. Due to Family Sunday this month, the church will hold Classic Service on the second week of May.

5. New Jersey Chodae Community Church Scholarship
– Eligibility: New Frontier Church/NJ Chodae Community Church members who are currently attending college and prospective college students in 2018
– Deadline: April 29th, 2018
Scholarship Awarded to 24 Applicants
Scholarship: $1500 per applicant
For more information,

6. Early Morning Service PPT Volunteers

Description: Anyone interested in volunteering for PPT during the morning servic
Contact: Jeongsoo Lee (

7. NFC Prayer Team Recruiting
Every Sunday before 2nd service: 12:00~1:30 (Lab School classroom 215)
Every Sunday after 2nd service: 3:30~5:00 (PS 11)

Contact: Daeun Jung (

8. “Check This Out” (Book Club) Campaign
We are continuing our campaign called “Check This Out” (Book Club) in 2018.

The book of April is
Making Sense of God, by Timothy Keller.

Book club meetings:
3rd: Tuesday, April 24th @ Vision Center
Please sign up in the cafeteria to join the meeting.
Contact: Sungmin Oh (

9. Offering
주일헌금 (Regular): $5,299.38
십일조 (Tithe): $4,348.73
감사헌금 (Thanksgiving): $740.00
겨자씨 (Mustard Seed): $135.67
헌금총액 (Total): $10,523.78

[Quite Time Scripture]

Sunday – 2 Kings3:13-27
Monday – 2 Kings4:1-7
Tuesday – 2 Kings4:8-24
Wednesday – 2 Kings4:25-37
Thursday – 2 Kings4:38-44
Friday – 2 Kings5:1-14 *Sunday Bible Study
Saturday – 2 Kings5:15-27

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