Church Announcements (July 8)


Church Announcements (July 8)

[Order of Worship]
Confession of Faith – Heidelberg Catechism (No. 40 & 44)
Scripture Reading – (Mark 3:1-6)
Sermon – Rev. WonJin Kim
Sending Off – Haiti Mission
Final Hymn

[Church Announcements]

1. 2018 NFC Retreat

Date: 9/1(Sat)~9/3(Mon)
Place: Pocono Spring Camp
Fee: 1st register (7/22) $130 including retreat t-shirts
2nd register (8/19) $180

***8/19 will be last day of register.

Contact Info NFC planning team

2.”Pray like Daniel for 21 Days (Online group)
2018.07.08(Sun) ~ 2018.07.29(Sat)

Like Daniel prayed for 21 days and got wisdom from God, let’s live daily life as praying for God to work on every single moment of our lives.
Do you feel like your will is too weak to do it alone? You don’t know what and how to pray?
It’s totally fine. You have us to read “”Daniel”” and pray together by reminding and encouraging each other.
NFC Prayer Team –

3. New Frontier Church Book Talk

Tom Wright – Simply Good News (2nd meeting)

Time and Location
7/31 7:30 pm at 142w 29th st, New York

Contact: Seongmin Oh (

4. VBS Volunteer
Do Not miss this last opportunity!
We are looking for individuals to volunteer at VBS camp this fall.
VBS camp: Sep 21 (evening) ~ Sep 23 (afternoon)
VBS 1st meeting: June 28th (THU) 6:30pm @ VISION CENTER.
Contact: Pastor Chung

5. Sunday School Teacher
Lend a hand as our children grow in faith.
Become a teacher in children ministry!
Nothing you do for children is ever wasted.
Contact: Pastor Chung

6. Rev. Ryu, Sabbatical Months (6/5 – 8/31)
Rev. Ryu will have the first sabbatical months from June 5th to August 31st. Pray for Rev. Ryu and his family to have a time of rest and replenishments. We will have guest speakers during this period.

7. Sunday Bible Study Break (July 8 & July 15)
No Sunday Bible Study on July 8 and July 15. Also lunch will not be served during the break.

8. Air Conditioners
Air Conditioners will NOT be turned off due to electrical issue. Please, bring extra clothes if you need to.

9. Trash & Recycle
Please, remove all liquid & Ice from any drinks include coffee and lemonade before throwing out the cups.

10. Offering
주일헌금 (Regular): $4,319.05
십일조 (Tithe): $19,242.66
감사헌금 (Thanksgiving): $690.00
선교헌금 (Mission): $100.00
겨자씨 (Mustard Seed): $107.00
헌금총액 (Total): $24,458.71

[Quite Time Scripture]

Sunday – Mark 4:1-9
Monday – Mark 4:10-20
Tuesday – Mark 4:21-25
Wednesday – Mark 4:26-34 *Sunday Bible Study
Thursday – Mark 4:35-41
Friday – Mark 5:1-20
Saturday – Mark 5:21-34

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